Welcome to Shaiya Beginning.
Our devoted team brings you a fair server for all to enjoy.

Shaiya Beginning boasts no lapisia except for aesthetics (weapons only, no stats given), limited nostrums and max lapis level 6 to encourage an even playing field in PvP.

Shaiya Beginning is a FREE server, however donations are now accepted to fund various community fundraising events.

Check our FaceBook Page for events and fundraising details.

Official Shaiya Beginning FaceBook Page

FaceBook Fan Page for chat, buy sell or TT.

Shaiya Beginning: Continue

Please enjoy the game and play fair and with respect.

Thank you for joining our community

Server Information

  • EXP Rate: 999x
  • EP4 Style
  • All Characters Are Automatically Ultimate Mode.
  • Permanent 30 Day Continuous Resurrection Rune!
  • Permanent 30 Day Prevent of Item Drop!
  • Permanent 30 Day Eternal Endurance!
  • Permanent 30 Day Large Increase Gold Drop!
  • Max Lapis: Sonic Lv2, Flash Lv1, Stat Lapis Lv6
  • NO Absorption Lapis!
  • NO Debuff Lapis!
  • OI is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and only requires a party of 2 to get in!
  • Guild Ranking Battle occurs on Sunday’s 12.00PM Philippine Time