Server Rules

Below you may find all the guidelines for both the forums and in-game. If you see anyone whom you believe to be breaking these, alert a staff member as soon as possible, or, if a staff member is not available, obtain proof in the form of screen shots or FRAPs and report the matter privately by messaging a staff member on the forums. Please refer to the Terms of Service for usage conditions.

There are various levels of punishment for different infringements; please refer to "Punishment Categories" for more specific information. Applicable categories will be listed next to each guideline; if no level is listed, then level two applies.

Forum Guidelines

In-Game Guidelines



PvP Related

Game Abuse

Punishment Categories

Exceptions can be made to these rules at the staff's hand. This is a basic guideline for breaking rules, what is accepted and what is not.
 IP bans can be given for reasons that seem necessary to the staff members. If you would like to appeal for your personal account/accounts to be unbanned, please message us on Facebook, or talk to a [GM] directly.