Server Rules

Below you may find all the guidelines for both the forums and in-game. If you see anyone whom you believe to be breaking these, alert a staff member as soon as possible, or, if a staff member is not available, obtain proof in the form of screen shots or FRAPs and report the matter privately by messaging a staff member on the forums. Please refer to the Terms of Service for usage conditions.

There are various levels of punishment for different infringements; please refer to “Punishment Categories” for more specific information. Applicable categories will be listed next to each guideline; if no level is listed, then level two applies.

Forum Guidelines

  • Posts should be made on the appropriate board. Their use is clearly outlined in the board description and often in pinned topics on the board itself; refer to these if you are unsure.
  • Swearing at people or otherwise disrespecting them is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Avoid spamming the forums. This includes, but is not limited to, posting the same message repeatedly and posting pointless messages.
  • The use of excessive punctuation and smilies should be avoided; one or two is more than enough.
  • Posting inappropriate images on the forums is less amusing than you think. Don’t do it.
  • Before asking questions, please be sure to read all the important information scattered around the forums as well as past questions from others.

In-Game Guidelines


  • Respect all players at all times. While swearing is permitted, it may not be directed at others (eg. “oh hell” is fine, “go to hell” is not). Punishment level one applicable.
  • You are required to follow the instructions of staff members even when you disagree with them. If you believe that you are being treated unfairly, please message another staff member in-game or on the forums and let them know what has transpired.
  • Kill Stealing (“KSing”) is permitted only on bosses. If someone is farming in an area which you want, farm somewhere else until they leave; do not follow them around and kill all their mobs in an attempt to force them to.
  • While you may attempt to KS bosses from both factions, resetting bosses on your own faction is not permitted. Once the boss has been attacked by either party it can not be deliberately reset. This does not apply for CT – see below.
  • Cryptic Throne raids MUST remain open to everyone at all times. This means raids are NOT be done in secret, but advertised so that others online are able to participate. People may be kicked if they are not helping or are being disruptive ie. not listening to instructions.
  • Names which contain works such as Fuck, Dick, Pussy and Shit are not permitted. However, misspellings containing the same words, such as YuckFou, are fine providing they are not overly lewd. We reserve the right to change anyone’s name if feel is not appropriate, or if many players feel it is not; in cases where a name is borderline, we will give you a name change.
  • GMs and other players should be able to easily contact you in game when you are online. This means that names which are extremely difficult to read (eg. alternating capital I’s and lower case L’s) are not allowed. Offending characters will be gen-named.
  • Impersonating other players is strictly forbidden. This includes using spaces to make it appear as though have spoken after you when in fact they have not, as well as using the same name with the intent of having people think you are the same person. Level 3 punishment.
  • Scamming, whether by leaving out details, lying about an aspect of a trade or with-holding your part of a trade will not be tolerated. In the event of this occurring, all money/items will be returned to the original owner and punishment level three will apply. Level 3 punishment.
  • Epic weapons as well as Power of King’s Wrath are not to be traded at this time. Level 1,2,3 punishment possible.


  • Spamming is trade chat is not permitted. Wait at least two minutes between posting advertisements or wanted ads, and do not post repeat messages that are not within these categories. Punishment level one applicable.
  • Only English is permitted in trade chat. If you wish to speak another language, please speak privately in guild, whisper or party chat. In a large raid, such as at an event, respect the fact that many people speak only English and avoid using other languages in party except where necessary (eg. answering the question of someone who only speaks a non-English language). Punishment level one applicable.
  • Begging, defined as repeatedly asking some sort of favor, whether it be items, gold or assistance, is not allowed. While asking someone for help is fine, harassing them about it is not, regardless of whether they are a friend, guild member or someone you’ve never met. Punishment level 1.

PvP Related

  • “Banter”, “trash talk” and “shit talk” in PvP is frowned upon, although not banned altogether. However, if a staff member asks you to cease then you are required to regardless of whether or not you feel it is warranted.
  • Spawn killing, defined as killing another player before they have visibly moved from a spawn point, is not allowed; please note that buffing does not count as movement. Neither attacks or debuffs are permitted. If someone has been standing on the spawn point for over twenty seconds, or they have used an attack (a skill that damages or debuffs you), you are permitted to kill them even if they have not moved. This does not apply for Karis/Raigo/soccer map/arena – to be clear, if someone is at the spawn point in either of these bases, you may not attack them, regardless of whether they appear AFK or are buffing, etc. Where possible, you may kill behind guards and kill players who appear AFK providing they are not at the spawn point in Karis/Raigo/soccer map/arena. People spawning on dead bodies can be attacked immediately. Also note, pvp from inside the Karis Throne room is not permitted.
  • Once you have exited your barrier, you may no longer use it to take shelter. Standing at the very edge of the barrier’s outskirts to prevent people using skills on you is prohibited. Punishment level one applicable.
  • Healing from inside the barrier is permitted. Once you have left the barrier, you may not heal from the shelter of the outskirts.
  • Attacking people inside the barrier by dueling another member of your faction is permitted providing the attacks do not hit people standing at the spawn point. If you find that a skill is hitting people where they spawn in (some with large ranges such as Karmain’s Breath often will), avoid using that skill.
  • Stat-padding, defined as repeatedly killing the same player with little or no attempt from them to fight back, is not permitted under any circumstances. Anyone found to have participated in this, whether they were the instigator or knowingly stayed in the same party to get kills, will have all their kills reset to zero and be punished under level three.
  • Attacking behind the opposite faction’s guards in soccer map, is not allowed (e.g. Fighters/Warriors using Eraser inside the base). Any Ranged class is allowed to, as long as you do not run to equal length of the guards. Kiting guards is not permitted. Using transformation to attack behind the guards is not permitted. Summoning your faction into the opposite faction’s base is not permitted. Punishment will fall under Level 1 or 2.

Game Abuse

  • Using any sort of macro, bot or hack is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, farming bots, speed-hacking and range-hacking. Wall climb is built into the client and is permitted. If you are found to be hacking, you will be permanently banned. This is your only warning.
  • Abusing an error within the game, such as faulty game mechanics or glitches is also strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, skill-cutting and the GRB glitch. If in doubt, ask a staff member. Once again, if you are found to be guilty, you will receive an immediate permanent ban.
  • Due to our server allowing dual logging, if you are caught dual logging on both factions at once, you will be banned. This is considered an exploit and in certain cases even hacking/modding and will not be accepted.

Punishment Categories

  • Level One
  • First Offense: 5 day ban
  • Second Offense: 2 week ban
  • Final Offense: Permanent ban
  • Level Two
  • First Offense: Two week ban
  • Final Offense: Permanent ban
  • Level Three
  • Final Offense: Permanent ban

Exceptions can be made to these rules at the staff’s hand. This is a basic guideline for breaking rules, what is accepted and what is not.
IP bans can be given for reasons that seem necessary to the staff members. If you would like to appeal for your personal account/accounts to be unbanned, please message us on Facebook, or talk to a [GM] directly.